Robotický vysavač Dreame X40 Ultra COMPLETE

Kód zboží (ID): 6137161
Stav zboží: Nové
Dostupnost: skladem
Datum odeslání: Expedujeme zítra
Dopravné: Zdarma
Kód zboží: 6137161
Číslo zboží (PN): RLX63CE-2
EAN: 6976233676128
Záruka koncový zákazník: 24 měsíců
Záruka při koupi na IČO: 24 měsíců
Cena bez DPH: * 27677.69 Kč
Cena vč. DPH: * 33490 Kč
* - cena uvedena vč. recyklačních a autorských poplatků.

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Dreame X40 Ultra Complete cleaning robot (white)

Discover the Dreame X40 Ultra, a cleaning robot that will bring a revolution in the daily care of your home. With its advanced Vormax™ system and suction power of up to 12,000 Pa, the device guarantees an uncompromising fight against any dirt. Equipped with dynamic mopping pads and an innovative side brush - it reaches even the hardest to reach places. In addition, the function of automatic cleaning and dust tank emptying, combined with mop washing in 70°C water, provides unprecedented convenience and allows you to maintain impeccable cleanliness without much effort.

Exceptional cleaning efficiency

The Dreame X40 Ultra robot stands out for its unparalleled cleaning power thanks to the use of the innovative Vormax™ system. It provides extraordinary suction power of up to 12,000 Pa, which allows you to effortlessly remove both pet hair and larger dust particles. There is also a 4-stage suction power adjustment, so you can effectively adjust the device's performance to your needs and expectations. A special TriCut brush is also available for sale separately, which eliminates the problem of hair tangles by directing them directly into the waste container.

Revolutionary cleaning technology

The Dreame X40 Ultra robot is your ally in the fight against dust at every turn. Its unique retractable side brush effectively reaches every corner and even lifts up 10 mm to prevent dirt transfer between dry and wet debris. This feature is crucial especially when vacuuming carpets. With Dreame, you are assured that your floors will always be sparkling clean!

Perfect mopping

The MopExtend™ RoboSwing technology, used in the Dreame X40 Ultra robot, allows for thorough cleaning even in the hardest to reach places. The mopping pads, extending up to 4 cm, precisely clean along baseboards and edges, ensuring that every corner is comprehensively cleaned.

OmniDirt advanced dirt detection

The Dreame X40 Ultra uses innovative OmniDirt technology for precision cleaning, using a comprehensive system of water color analysis through five channels (R/G/B/Turbidity/Chromaticity). This enables thorough mopping with flawless precision! The advanced integration of the RGB camera with the dirt recognition system enables the robot to intelligently adjust suction power - from gentle dust collection to dynamic removal of stubborn stains. In addition, the updated mop and floor cleaning function with 32 levels of humidity control not only guarantees thorough cleaning, but also eliminates the problem of leaving streaks. This strategy, combined with a thorough cleaning at 0.1 m/s, underscores the efficiency and power of OmniDirt technology in keeping floors at home clean.

Intelligent cleaning tailored to your needs

The Dreame X40 Ultra robot transforms the cleaning process with intelligent solutions tailored to different surfaces and types of dirt, the CleanGenius function allows. Advanced technologies such as 360° recognition, obstacle avoidance and precise mapping and route planning ensure optimal cleaning even over large areas. In addition, control via the Dreamehome app and voice commands further simplifies operation. Adapting to complex conditions in the home, the Dreame X40 Ultra offers customized cleaning strategies to keep your rooms looking spotless at all times.

Comfort of use at the forefront

The Dreame X40 Ultra robot is designed to make everyday cleaning as easy as possible. Advanced features such as automatic self-cleaning, dust tank emptying and detergent and water dispensing minimize the need for user intervention. That's not all, however. Upon returning to the docking station, the robot automatically cleans the mop pads in 70°C water and dries them with hot air, ensuring that the device is ready for use at any time. In addition, the use of an anti-bacterial tank and dust bag with activated carbon effectively neutralizes odors and bacteria, ensuring a healthy environment at home. Dreame X40 Ultra's innovations make cleaning easier and more convenient than ever before!


  • Dreame X40 Ultra cleaning robot
  • Base
  • Main brush x1 (installed)
  • Brush guard x1 (mounted)
  • Side brush x2 (1x mounted)
  • Dust container x1 (mounted)
  • Dust container filter x3 (1x mounted)
  • Mop pads x12 (2x mounted).
  • Mop pad holder x2
  • Cleaning tool x1
  • Cleaning agent 1 l x1
  • Power cord x1
  • Base station ramp extension x1
  • Quick guide
  • User manual
  • Dust bag 3.2 l x3
  • Accessory bag (inside includes: 1x main brush, 2x side brushes, 3x dust containers, 3x dust container filters, 3x dust bags, 6x pairs of mop pads (12 in total), 1x cleaning solution (1 l))


Model Dreame X40 Ultra Complete
Battery capacity 6400 mAh
Suction power Up to 12,000 Pa
Dust container capacity 300 ml
Water tank capacity 80 ml
Operating time up to 260 minutes
Mopping function Yes (mopping pads)
Self-cleaning function Yes
Navigation system LDS
Functions Hot water mop pad cleaning and hot air drying, mop pad and side brush ejection, automatic dust tank emptying, mop pad lifting
Filter type EPA (E11)
Compatibility Dreamehome app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri

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